We encourage you to pack economically and, above all, SECURELY. Everything you bring (except instruments and larger items like fans) should be in a suitcase, backpack or tote bag that zips or closes tightly.  That way your stuff will not fall out all over the dock — or into the water!  If your luggage includes boxes of anything, please make sure they are taped shut.

In addition to your clothing for a week (no laundry on the Island!), toiletries, personal items and INSTRUMENT, here is a list of things that campers have found helpful to have with them:

Insect repellent Books/cards/games Items for the auction
Sunscreen Money/credit card** Digital or tape recorder
Electric fan if desired (all rooms have ceiling fans) Bath gel/soap and shampoo Paper and pen/pencil
Power strip Hand sanitizer Camera
Flashlight Earplugs Flip-flops or beach shoes
Rain gear Costume pieces Reusable cup or mug
Warm jacket Alcoholic beverages*** Hangers
Special snacks; bottled water* Beach towel, if you plant to swim  Washcloth

*    We will provide a variety of snacks, as well as water and lemonade, all day and through the evening.  However, if there is anything special that you know you are going to want, please bring it with you. We seek to provide but do not guarantee a nut-free environment, so if you or your child have allergies please plan to bring your own snacks.

The Island has regular Boston tap water, which is fine for drinking. If you would like bottled water instead, please bring it with you.

** The only things you will need money for at camp are (1) music shop purchases, (2) cash bars operated by the island on Visitors’ Day and at the clambake, if you are a grownup, and (3) the fundraising auction, if you want to bid on anything.  The music shop and auction take credit cards.

*** Alcoholic beverages for personal use are permitted on the island.  The Island will operate cash bars on Tuesday during Visitors’ Day and on Thursday at our clambake.  If you desire alcoholic beverages at any other time, please plan to bring enough for your needs.  The legal drinking age in Massachusetts is 21.  Underage drinking at BHSFS is strictly prohibited. There will be zero tolerance for underage drinking, and anyone under 21 found to have used alcohol will be required to leave the island immediately.

What NOT to Bring:  The island provides towels (though not washcloths), bed linens, blankets and pillows.