There are generally three periods of fiddle classes per day.  A detailed daily schedule will be handed out on arrival.

Cynthia teaching
Cynthia MacLeod teaching, 2016

Campers may participate in or audit any classes, or may wish to try an additional instrument. The piano and any other non-fiddle classes have limited enrollment to allow for greater individual attention.

In 2018 we will offer fiddle classes on four levels, based on your speed at learning by ear:  Slow, Medium, Fast, and Super Fast.  Fiddlers choose one primary level, and may change this level during the school week. They may audit other levels as long as they do not appreciably change the pace of those classes. Similarly, other instruments are welcome in fiddle classes, but their owners are responsible for working out whatever compatibility issues they may encounter without placing undue demands on the teachers or slowing the classes.

Piano and any other non-fiddle classes will be designed according to the individual needs of the students.  Details will be provided at camp.

For all instrumentalists, the ability to read music and play by ear are both useful. Most classes will be taught by ear, but sheet music for all tunes taught in class will be provided at the end of camp.

Level Descriptions

In order to maximize each camper’s success, it is important that everyone who is taking fiddle be placed at the level that best corresponds to their abilities.  Campers select their own level based on their degree of comfort with the instrument and with learning by ear. However, we reserve the right to reassign any camper on the recommendation of an instructor.

In general, a student in the slow level would be expected to know the rudiments of playing the violin, equating to about one year’s previous instruction, and would be most comfortable at a slow pace of learning in order to get a tune solidly in their head and their fingers. A student in the medium level would know a fair amount about playing the instrument and feel comfortable at a moderate pace, probably one tune per class or maybe part of a more complex tune. A student in the fast level would have no issues with playing the instrument, and would be able to learn at least one full tune per class and often more. A student in the super fast level would be a very skilled player and would be able to learn several tunes per class.

Anyone who is interested in learning fiddle but has not played before should contact the Music Director to see whether arrangements can be made for a private tutorial.