Judi Nicolson

judi-nicolsonJudi Nicolson, originally from Banchory, Scotland, near Aberdeen, is a consummate performer; her dynamic fiddling, engaging stage presence, and deep understanding of Scotland’s music has created a demand for her solo appearances, concerts, and dances throughout the U.K. and Americas. Although classically trained from an early age, her passion has always been to play traditional Scottish fiddle music and by the age of fifteen she had won three major open Scottish fiddle championships.  Judi went on to play at various music venues throughout the U.K., both as a soloist and with some of the finest Scottish dance bands. Over the years, Judi has performed in television, radio and theater productions, and has recorded two solo albums and 14 albums with various musicians and bands. Judi is qualified as a teacher of both classical violin and traditional fiddle in Scotland. In 2008 Judi, her husband Ian, and their two children relocated from the Shetland Islands to Katy, Texas, where Judi continues to teach students and play in concerts and for Scottish country dances, workshops, and balls.

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