necklace - bronze - Marcie1Marcie Van Cleave brings a wealth of experience in traditional music and dance to her role as executive director of BHSFS, along with her characteristic high energy and humor.  She has been teaching and leading traditional dances in the Boston area and throughout New England since the mid-1980s. In recent years her reputation as a teacher and caller has spread beyond New England, and she now regularly teaches at camps, events and festivals around the U.S. and in Europe – notably in the Czech Republic, where she has an annual engagement with the traditional Czech dance group Dvorana in Prague and has co-led several folk arts-oriented tours of the country.

Marcie has extensive expertise in developing and running music and dance camps, including the Folk Arts Center’s International Weekend and Folk Days at Pinewoods Camp, Pinewoods Labor Day Weekend, Pinewoods Cape Breton Weekend, Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School, and Oktoberfest Weekend in Fairlee, Vermont, to name just a few. We owe the existence and continuing excitement of Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School to her vision, dedication, and plain old hard work.

Marcie has been the Executive Director of the Folk Arts Center of New England since 1988.