Wendy MacIsaac

wendy-macisaacWendy MacIsaac is a renowned fiddler from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia who has been playing music for over 30 years. She is recognized as one of the “old school” style of players who has kept the traditional sound going and has a deep respect for it.

Wendy is also a sought-after piano accompanist and step dancer.  Besides performing as a solo artist, Wendy tours with Mary Jane Lamond.

Wendy can also be seen performing with Heather Rankin and occasionally Beolach, with whom she toured for 11 years.

Wendy is in high demand for her skills at teaching the Cape Breton style of fiddling. She travels throughout North America and overseas as well as teaching from her home in Halifax. We are excited to welcome her to Boston Harbor in 2017!

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