Camp Tunes — Complete listings of tunes taught at BHSFS from 2003 through 2016 are below, along with sheet music for selected tunes.

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Giant List of All Tunes Ever Taught at BHSFS – 2018 edition

Session Tunes — Here is a list of popular session tunes that are often played in the Boston area.  Some have been taught at BHSFS.  For the rest, we recommend searching the web for sheet music.  A good place to look is

Da Slockit Light – Slow Air in D by Tom Anderson
Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle – March in A
The 72nd Highlanders’ Farewell to Aberdeen – March in D by N. Mathieson
Glencoe – March in D by Dan R. MacDonald
The Iron Man – Strathspey in A by J. Scott Skinner
Captain Campbell – Strathspey in Am
Miss Lyall – Strathspey in Am by Capt. Simon Fraser
Braes of Mar – Strathspey in D (4 parts)
Kirrie Kebbuck – Strathspey in D by J. Scott Skinner
The Smith’s a Gallant Fireman – Strathspey in D by J. Scott Skinner
Mrs MacLeod – Reel in A
High Road to Linton – Reel in A (4 parts)
Miss Shepherd – Reel in Am by J. Scott Skinner
Brenda Stubbert – Reel in Am by Jerry Holland
Jenny Dang the Weaver – Reel in D
Fairy Dance – Reel in D by Nathaniel Gow
Barrowburn – Reel in D by Addie Harper
Willafjord – Reel in D
Spootiskerry – Reel in G by Ian Holmes
Flowers of Edinburgh – Reel in G
MacArthur Road – Reel in E by Dave Richardson
Crossing the Minch – Hornpipe in D by P/M Donald MacLeod
Stool of Repentance – Jig in A
Stan Chapman – Jig in A by Jerry Holland
Atholl Highlanders – 6/8 Pipe March in A (4 parts)
Jig of Slurs – Pipe Jig in D by P/M George S. McLennan (4 parts)
Sailor’s Wife – Jig in Dm
Calliope House – Jig in E by Dave Richardson
The High Drive – Reel in D by Gordon Duncan
Jack Daniels
 – Reel in A by John Morris Rankin
The Curlew
 – Reel in Bm by Josephine Keegan
Andy Rennick’s Ferret
 – Reel in A by Gordon Duncan
Snug in a Blanket
 – March in D by Paddy O’Brien
The Road to Errogie
 – Reel in E by Adam Sutherland
The Salvation Reel
 – Reel in A by Simon Bradley
The Conundrum
 – March in D by Peter McLeod
Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban
 – March in A by A. MacNeill
Potatoes and Herring
 – Reel in A by Allan MacDonald
Raivlin Reel
 – Reel in D by Barbara McOwen
My Cape Breton Home
 – Waltz in G by Jerry Holland
Frank’s Reel – Reel in A
Keep It Up – Reel in Em
Catharsis – Reel in Gm
Pigeon on the Gate – Reel in A mixo
Hull’s Reel – Reel in E
Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside – March in A
The Sweetness of Mary – Strathspey in G
Calum’s Road – Strathspey in D by Donald Shaw

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