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Young dancers on Visitors' Day
Xavier and the mystery woman We aren't really sure what this is Visitors' Day session Visitors' Day dance Visitors' Day concert Visitors' Day boat departing Visitors arriving Thinking things through The old gang The mimosa tree The boat home The Blues Brothers The Blanket People Teachers String quintet Stop in the name of love! Slow jam Skyline at sunset Singing around the bonfire Seumas and friends Scotland and France Ronan and his star students Playing at the Hollow Piano class On the boat On the beach Old friends and new New friends Musicians in black More young fiddlers on the dock More happy beginners More fun at the Hollow Michael moonwalks Mary Alice, Lori, Eloise Margie and Alex Marcie gets a French lesson Marcie and Sam Marcie and Richie Marcie and friend Maggie and Mom Madeleine Kesha Katie Katie and friends Kathleen Katherine and Mary Alice Julien, Diane, Teresa Joni Mitchell joins us Johnny Cash Jim dancing Jerry and Anita Janis Joplin x2 Jamming Izzy Island beach Intermediate III Fiddle class Intermediate II Fiddle class Intermediate I Fiddle class Hi Cyndi! Herb and Dougie Happy beginners Hanneke and Mike Guy time Guitar class Fun at the Hollow Folk Arts Center girls First nights session Fiddles on Visitors' Day Fiddlers on the quad Farewell for another year! Evening on the island Dynamic duo Dougie and admirers Dolly is here Delicious pie Dana, Robert, Marcie Craziness at the ceilidh Cello class Calum Pasqua joins us Brian and Annette Betsy and Cheryl Beth Beginner Fiddle class Beautiful blue-haired singer Arriving Arriving at camp Announcing Jerry Holland Andy Amazing sunset Advanced Fiddle class 2014 Photos