Sheet music for selected 2010 tunes

List of all 2010 tunes:

Allie Crocker – Reel in D

Blackwell Court – March in G by Phil Cunningham

Cathcart – Waltz in D by Phil Cunningham

Cole’s Delight – March in F

Colonel MacBean – Reel in C minor

Corriechoillies Welcome to the Northern Meeting – March in D

Culloden Day, or The Inverness Gathering – Pipe march in D

Da Sailor Goes – Reel in G

Delvin Side – Strathspey in D

Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban – March in A by A. MacNeill

Donald MacPherson’s Lament – Pibroch in D by J. Scott Skinner

Eoghainn Iaian Alasdair, B.E.M. – Reel in G by Dr. John Holliday

Five Jump – Danish Traditional Tune in B flat

Forbes Morrison – Strathspey in A by J. Scott Skinner

Humour in Tapping the Ale – Reel in F

I Bhi Ada – Strathspey in D

Kirstie’s – Strathspey in E minor by Charlie McKerron

MacKenzie Hay – Strathspey in D by J. Scott Skinner

Mains of Gartly – Reel in G by J. Scott Skinner

Miss Jane Douglas’s Favorite – Jig in G by Robert Mackintosh

Miss Jessy Stewart’s Jigg – Jig in D by Malcolm MacDonald

Miss Mary MacDonald – Reel in C minor

Mr. Marshall’s Compliments to Niel Gow – March in A by William Marshall

Mrs. MacLeod – Reel in A

Mrs. Major L. Stewart of the Isle of Java – March in A by William Marshall

Och Is Duine Truagh Mi – Reel in A

Peter and Doreen Chiasson – Slow March in D by Brenda Stubbert

Peter Baillie, or The Lonach Highland Fling – Strathspey in G by Peter Baillie

Sitting in the Stern of the Boat – Air in G

Taladh Chriosta (Christ Child’s Lullaby) – Air in A mix

The Braes of Tullymet – Strathspey in C minor

The Dashing White Eejit – Reel in E by Alan Henderson

The Kirrie Kebbuck – Strathspey in D by J. Scott Skinner

The Little Cascade – Reel in F by G.S. McLellan

The New York Jig – Jig in C

The Reel of Joy – Reel in D by Dewey Balfa

The Road to SHISSF – Jig in G by Catherine Fraser

The Thief in the Night – Reel in G by Catherine Fraser

The Very Last Straw – Reel in E by Ryan McKasson

Traditional Reel – Reel in D

Sweet Molly – Reel in G

Well May Charlie Wear the Crown – Air in D