Sheet music for selected 2011 tunes

List of all 2011 tunes:

Taught by Andrea Beaton
Angus Ronald’s Big Tune
— Strathspey in A
Arrochar Bridge
— Reel in A
Bert Ferguson
— Jig in A by Ian Burns
Dot McKinnon’s Reel
— Reel in D minor by Kevin Chaisson
John Morris Rankin’s Jig
– Jig in A minor by Andrea Beaton
Kitchener’s Army
— March in A by George Stewart McLennan
Malcolm Finlay
— Reel in E
Mike to the Rescue
— Reel in D by Andrea Beaton
One for the Record
— Jig in D by Natalie MacMaster
Potatoes and Herring (Buntata Sgathain)
— Reel in A by Allan MacDonald
The Golden Keyboard,
or Contentment is Wealth — Jig in E dorian
Traditional Strathspey
— Strathspey in A minor

Taught by Anne Hooper
Atholl Highlanders — Pipe march in A
Glenora Reel
— Reel in E minor by John Campbell
Hughie and Janet’s March
— March in E minor by Andrea Beaton
— Reel in G
The Nine Pint Coggie
— Reel in E minor
The Sweet Maid of Glendaruel
— March in A

Taught by Hanneke Cassel
Da Unst Bridal March — Shetland air in A
Lianne MacLean’s Revenge
— Slow reel in G by Hanneke Cassel
Stout’s Trip Tae Skea
— Shetland reel in D

Taught by Laura Risk
Carphiley Reel — Reel in A mixolydian by Laura Risk
— Jig in D minor by William Marshall
Porst an Righ
— Reel in A
Ulrike’s Inspiration
— Strathspey in A minor by Laura Risk
When the Battle is Over
— March in A by William Robb

Taught by Natalie Haas
Griffenfeldt — Reel in A
Hommage a Jos Bouchard
— Jig in B minor by Philippe Bruneau
Partie de Quadrille de Jos Bouchard
— Jig in D by Joseph Bouchard
Vals Efter Kristian Oskarsson
— Waltz in A

Taught by Sarah Naylor
Bert MacKenzie’s 70th Birthday Waltz — Waltz in D by Louise MacKenzie
Caroline’s Barn — Reel in D
Some Boy John
— March in G minor by Calum MacCrimmon
— Reel in B minor by Kevin O’Neill
The Dog and the Rabbit
— March in G by Lau
The Westcoaster
— Hornpipe in G by Aonghas Grant